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Teacher Education

at Michigan State University

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Current Projects

Project WIPMAGS (Writing Instructional Practices for Multidimensional Achievement 
and Growth in Students)

This exploratory project, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (R305A160049), examines the relation between 4th- and 5th-grade student growth in writing (i.e., knowledge, motivation, and performance) and teacher classroom writing instruction and assessment practices.

In the Classroom

Access to Literacy Assessment System (ATLAS)

The Access to Literacy Assessment System- Phonological Awareness (ATLAS-PA), developed with funding from the Institute of Education Sciences (R324A150063), is a free adaptive measure of phonological awareness that is appropriate for young children with typical development as well as for children who have disabilities related to speech production.

child boy in headphones is using a lapto

Writing Architect

Writing Architect, developed by Dr. Adrea Truckenmiller and currently undergoing refinement with funding from the Institute of Education Sciences (R305A210061), is a web-based assessment system to assist teachers with collecting and analyzing writing samples and linking results with evidence-based writing instruction.

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